Terms & Conditions The Terms and Conditions of Kent School These general terms and conditions apply to all Kent School contracts with the contracting party (hereinafter referred to as customer or participant). The customer acknowledges by booking our terms and conditions. Tour documents The customer receives documents for the photo tour (arrival, disclaimer, etc.) about 1 week before start of the tour. Payment and due dates The payment should be transferred and credited within one week from the date of sending the bank details to the specified account. After receipt of payment, but usually about one week before the photo tour, the customer receives further information and documents by mail. If the amount is not transferred or delayed, we have to cancel the booking. Rebooking and cancellation by the customer A change of booking costs 15 € per person. Please send inquiries via e- mail. Rebooking is only possible if dates are still available. The cancellation of a booked appointment is unfortunately not possible. Of course, the customer can provide a substitute participant (latest 3 days before tour start) by e-mail. Resignation through Kent School In case of bad weather or similar Kent School can withdraw from the contract and cancel the tour. If a photo tour is canceled, Kent School refunds the already paid registration fees immediately and in full. legal responsibility The entry of the terrain and the buildings in the booked photo tours is at your own risk. The participant undertakes to follow the instructions and, if necessary, prohibitions on entering parts of the building as well as partial areas. In case of accidents or injuries, the owner and the tour guides are not liable. In case of disregard of the instructions and, if necessary, prohibited, the participant of the course is expelled and must, if necessary, depending on the violation, expect legal consequences. Minimum age The booking and participation in the tours is only possible from the age of 18 years! Competitions - Advertising - Newspaper - Exhibitions The photos taken during the Kent School Photo Tour may not be used for competitions, advertisements, newspapers or exhibitions. Transfer to third parties The transfer of images to third parties as well as the use for school projects, bachelor theses or other dissuasive works is also prohibited. Use of the photographs The photos taken during the Kent School Photo Tour may only be used for private purposes (eg own private website) and may not be used commercially. Portals like YouTube, Instagram, Getty Images, any stock photo sites like Shutterstock, iStock, etc., where money can be earned are also prohibited. The pictures you take at the photo tour are not allowed to be used commercially. What can be photographed? As part of the photo tour, only the grounds and buildings may be photographed with standard cameras. Bringing and taking pictures of people or models is not allowed. Videos / films / aerial photography / copyright law Creating videos / movies is strictly prohibited. Stringing photos together to publish them later as a presentation or video is also strictly prohibited. Aerial photography is strictly prohibited. All photographs taken by Kent School are protected against unauthorized use under the Copyright Protection Act. Any reproduction or duplication requires our express, prior approval and is only permitted in connection with our attribution. Copyright prints on our photos may not be removed.
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